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dyed jade Beads size approx..5x14mmthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 28pcs/str..
6.05€ 12.10€
Ex Tax:4.88€
dyed jade Beads size approx..15x146x13mmthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 16pcs/str ..
10.00€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:8.06€
Beads size approx..14mmdyed jadethe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 32pcs/str..
9.99€ 15.12€
Ex Tax:8.06€
dyed jadeBeads size approx.. 8x10mmthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 40pcs/str..
6.05€ 12.10€
Ex Tax:4.88€
Beads size approx.. 10x12mmthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 30 pcs/str..
6.05€ 10.08€
Ex Tax:4.88€
dyed mop piece 25mmthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 18pcs/str ..
10.00€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:8.06€
5x8mm faceted pear shape topazwhite topaz metalplatted (titanium)piece price..
5.00€ 6.00€
Ex Tax:4.03€
4x14mmpiece price..
3.00€ 4.00€
Ex Tax:2.42€
patchwork oval cabs in obsidian,coral and tuequoise 10x24mm..
10.00€ 22.18€
Ex Tax:8.06€
mother  of pearl-onyx oval  flat1,13x18mm2,12x16mm..
2.02€ 4.03€
Ex Tax:1.63€
DYED FRESHWATER  PEAR SIDE DRILLED PEARLS Beads size approx..8x14mmthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 59pcs/str..
10.08€ 26.21€
Ex Tax:8.13€
PHRENITEthe price is per string (40cm)approx.. 20pcs/strBeads size approx..15x20mm ..
50.00€ 60.00€
Ex Tax:40.32€
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